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    But of a wait (which is understandable bc the space is cozy) BUT WORTH IIIIIIIIT.

    I had the Curry Mazemen with extra garlic, and it was so d**m good. It's a few blocks away from my office so I fully intend on working my way through the entire menu.

    We also tried both of the buns, which were fine but I probably wouldn't order them again. A bit too much kale (which I don't like so I'm a bit bias) and not quite enough meat. But honestly, the mazemen dish was plenty so you probably don't even need much in the way of appetizers. Any more than the bowl and you might tip to being uncomfortably full.

    Great prices as well!

    Also they play anime while you eat!

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    Delicious, plain and simple!

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    I like maze soba of this ramen place.

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    Fantastic and so delicious! Will be a regular here!

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    Price $


    *Cheese Mazemen (5/5) - Taste is so GOOD. It is not traditional ramen. It is ramen without soup. There are several minced ingredients, green onions, garlic, pork, fish powder and etc. Mix it and eat it. The ingredients go well with the thick noodles. I like Ramen, but I usually can't finish a bowl onoodles in other ramen restaurants. But it was so good here that I could eat it all. The small bowl of rice tastes good with the rest of the soup.

    * Mogu Chicken (5/5) - sweet fried chicken.
    Chicken was so soft and sauce was really good.

    *Iced Green tea (5/5) - rich iced green tea and free refill!

    *Price $ - Here is cheap than other ramen restaurants! Great food and cheap price, perfect place!

    *Service - Nice and Friendly

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    Have you heard Mazemen Ramen Noodle?

    Me either and this is a ramen that doesn't have a soup but all other delicious toppings and noodles. But it is not Tsukemen. I believe there is no other restaurant around here offer something like this. I have tried Deluxe style Mazemen and my wife had cheese Mazemen and my daughter had Chashu bowl. We all happy with the choices that recommended by owner. Cost of the meal was also affordable too and decor is on point. They are just opened couple days ago and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND. If you like Ramen I encourage everyone to experience this new type of concept Ramen bowl.

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    This place is so good! Love the noodles!

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    Get any of the Mazemen and follow the tips on the wall for the best experience!

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    First time eating a "soup-less" ramen...delicious! Photo of the Deluxe

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    Look out Sawtelle, mogummogu is coming. This Japanese treat brought savory joy into my belly. Great service, animé I'm the background, suitable background music. Thrilled that we have another great option in LA. Thank you!

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    The food was amazing and five stars to the service . I got me their simple spicy Ramen soup, but it was so great tasting and the noodles were of the chain perfect. I so recommend this place... I did not take a picture because I was focused on how awesome my bowl looked. Perfect after work meal!

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